A Message from WC Member Lori Broadfoot


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One Response to “A Message from WC Member Lori Broadfoot”

  1. Debbie Strange says:

    Oh no, Lori. What a devastating misfortune…

    “Joyful, joyful, joyful,
    as only dogs know how to be happy
    with only the autonomy
    of their shameless spirit” (P. Neruda)

    Thinking of you…

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A Message from
WC Member

Lori Broadfoot

Some of you may not have heard our sad news: our city house was badly damaged in a fire on Monday, April 4.
It started from the untended fireplace, and yes, just one careless act can become bigger than you THAT FAST.
Our hearts are broken over the loss of our dear pets, overcome quickly by the smoke; Sophie, the celebrity sled-dog and her little buddy, Monty the wind-up dog. We miss them desperately.
Alana, her dog Bunny and the cats were rescued safely from the second floor bedroom window.
Following a brief carbon monoxide detox, we are all healthy, strong and grateful our losses were not greater.
Most of our losses are due to smoke damage, electronic copies of our photos and videos all seem to be retrievable, so we will be back in business as soon as we transfer all our files. And now the overwhelming task remains to document every item in our home [insert many !'s here].
Our plans for the Whitemud Arts Centre of course are on hold, now that we have two eco-friendly homes to rebuild.
We will post updates as we progress.
Take great care to stay safe.
- Lori, Clark and Alana