I Challenge You!

I, Lindsey of the Board of Directors/your friendly neighborhood website elf, challenge everyone to write a story or poem that uses this photo in some way. Be it for inspiration, setting, shoved in random dialog (“Hey Betty, where did you get that neato photo?” “Well Johnny, I found it taped to my fridge beside a business card for some guy calling himself the Goblin King. Go figure.”) or any other way you can think to incorporate it. You’re all creative, I know you can hack it.


Think about it, if you write a great story or poem, then you can submit it to a magazine, who may then publish it and may tell their publisher friends about you, who may then call you and say, “Hey! Do you have any more of this wonderful material? Because if so, we would love to have you write a book for us!”


It could happen. But it won’t if you don’t pick up a pencil and notebook (or your laptop, I’m old school so I like my pencil and notebook) and start writing!

So hop on over to writerlylife.com and check out this great photo. Also, take a look around the website, it’s a good one!

Writerly Life’s Photo of the Week!




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