Speaking Truth to Power: Writing for Change

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Speaking Truth to Power: Writing for Change

Thursday, March 24 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm

274 Garry Street (between Graham & Portage)


Cost: $30. Contact Aqua to register at [email protected] or 943-7555.

Notes: The workshop is limited to 12 people. Bring a notebook and pen.

No matter what you write, be it blogposts, essays, poetry, letters to the editor, fiction, journalism or doggerel, the very act of doing so can create change in the writer and in the world around us.

This workshop will explore how we can use our personal wisdom, the power of language and our passion for living to make a better world.

Regina writer Bernadette Wagner infuses her poetry and nonfiction with a love of land, a commitment to grassroots activism and the spirit of the prairies. When she’s not writing, she’s politicking. She’s been known to speak out against government policies, fight to keep inner city libraries open and build feminist organizations. Her work has appeared in journals, anthologies, and magazines and on radio, television and film, in schools, on stages, in the streets and on the web. This hot place (Thistledown Press, 2010), a collection of poetry, explores the personal as political and the political as personal and recently received a Saskatchewan Book Award nomination.

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