New Collective Workshop with Robert Kelly!

The Book of The and Another Book of The:

Idea Generation – The Indispensable Core of Creativity

Robert Kelly PhD – University of Calgary

Saturday, March 5, 10 am to 1 pm

$20 for Writers’ Collective members, $40 for non-members

Email to register.


Bring your ideas and sense of humour as artist and educator, Robert Kelly leads us through an exploration of the many dimensions of creativity with focus on the dynamic of idea generation and invention.  Join us in an active process of idea generation and development as we explore strategies for engaging in creative culture through cooperative design. Experience the joy of collaborative creativity with fellow workshop participants as we generate infinite possibilities through various methods of idea generation including a designer‘s version of “speed dating“. We will also examine the concept of creativity and its vocabulary through contemporary creativity theory and creative practice. Be prepared to think, laugh, and share as we explore the world of creativity and idea generation where outcomes are unknown throughout this 3 hour workshop.



Educator and artist Robert Kelly is an associate professor in the Faculty of Arts and an adjunct associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Calgary. He is co-editor of the book entitled Creative Expression, Creative Education: Creativity As A Primary Rationale For Education. He is currently researching and developing two new volumes on creativity in education focused on developing personal and professional creativity entitled Creative Journey and the methodology of creativity in educational practice entitled Educating For Creativity.

Robert has received numerous awards for teaching excellence and is featured on the University of Calgary’s Great Teachers website. He is currently pioneering four new courses on creativity in educational practice in the new Masters of Education program at the University of Calgary.  Robert Kelly has done numerous keynote presentations, lectures and workshops across Canada on the topic of creativity.

As artist, his most recent work is his conceptual Minutia installation showing in March at Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg consisting of eleven books of concrete poetry on lecterns, based on the sentence fragment “the first time I heard the sound of a page turning.” His other major bodies of work include his painted Concept of Raven series and his newly developed White Noise outdoor installation project.

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