Textofiction = What fun!!

Bringing the best writing in under 140 characters.


What’s Textofiction?

Textofiction is an online literary publication dedicated to bringing the best writing in under 140 characters.

The idea is to get a full narrative across in the size of a text message, or a tweet. And although our name’s Textofiction, we also publish nonfiction and poetry.

Textofiction is edited by Braydon Beaulieu and Alexandra Gayowsky.
Our additional reading panel includes Louis Cabri, author of The Mood Embosser, published by Coach House Books.

We’re listed at Duotrope’s Digest! Keep track of your submissions and report our response times to this wonderful writer’s resource.


We want to read your work. Here’s how you can get it to us.

1. Join Twitter and follow us.

2. Once we follow you back (patience is a virtue), go to your Direct Messages.

3. Write your submission and send it to us. Make sure it’s under 140 characters. It is now only optional to include enough room at the end to leave a space, then put the at symbol and your Twitter handle (e.g. Once upon a time the [email protected]). Some contributors prefer this because it makes your story or poem easier to identify as yours on Twitter, but it’s no longer a requirement, because posting is now a two-tweet process that includes bios with contibutors’ Twitter handles.

You can also be old-school and send your submission via email or text message to . If you do this be sure to include a very short bio and a picture we can display.

We want literary works of infinitesimal size, but immeasurable weight. Send us things that make an impression disproportionate to their length. In short, wow us. If your piece has line breaks, please indicate them with a forward slash (e.g. end / start). Otherwise, make sure your piece can be read without them.


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