Our Dearest Michael!

we are all very shocked and saddened at the incredably sudden passing of our very dear Michael Van Rooy. Michael died of a heart attack last night in Montreal.

see the free press article for more details.

Micheal is survived by his beloved wife of many years, Laura Neufeld, and three great kids!

everyone is invited to come down to aqua book tonight at 7. they’re setting up the mic and it just might help to have all us writerlies be together

much love, kate

Katherena Vermette

4 Responses to “Our Dearest Michael!”

  1. Debbie Strange says:

    no words
    no words…

  2. Hilary says:

    Kate, you have expressed my feelings exactly.

    The reading at Aqua tonight was subdued; we had the planned program of Lansdowne series writers and translators, with Jamis Paulson, Michael’s editor from Turnstone, saying a few words beforehand.

  3. Eve Dutton says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kate. Michael was an amazing programming coordinator and a wonderful friend, and we’re all so stunned by this.

  4. Wesley Johnston says:

    I was very shaken to learn of this today. Michael was incredibly supportive to me as a guide to the literary world, and I already feel lost without him. This is truly horrible. I am sending my sentiments to his family, and hope they know how much appreciated he was by so many. I just really liked him, he had such a warmth.