The Sixth Day of Writemas

On the sixth day of Writemas my true love gave to me

A warm and steamy poem from Maeengan Linklater

Check it: Maeengan Linklater: a First Nations writer and filmmaker ( His first film, First Nation Winnipeg: The Heart of a Home, co-produced with Jim Sanderson, premiered at Cinematheque in Winnipeg last year. He is working on a full-length poetry collection (forthcoming). He is currently on the board of the Manitoba Writers Guild. … And he has the best profile pict on facebook…


Ocean Pearl

I was wondering
if you wanted
to go swimming
in clear water
where the sun
glints off
each wave

I would dive
into the ocean
feeling water
clean my skin
stroking deeply
towards the bottom

Where I would
rub my fingers
along the ribbed pattern
of the ocean floor
until I found
that special pearl

I would bring it
to the surface
mindful of the current
and simmering tremors
that occur beneath
the gentle waves

And when that pearl
is exposed to the surface
I would polish it
until the last wave
has washed upon
the shore

call him Mike NDN!

thanks everyone for all your warm and cozy feedback – i am having way too much fun with this…


Katherena Vermette