The Seventh Day of Writemas

On the Seventh Day of Writemas my true love gave to me . . .

The Seven Deadly Sins from Dante and Pope Gregory I?!?

– “ALL highly applicable to writers!”-

Thank you Michael Van Rooy for this post!

To wit:

Extravagance – Eschew such that you may write.

Gluttony – Eat when you can that you might have strength to write.

Avarice – Turn your back upon wealth as it distracts from the story that you should be writing.

Discouragement – Don’t be, not now and not ever. Don’t discourage others. They too have stories to write.

Wrath – Let it go. Wrath and write don’t work well together.

Envy – Why bother? Be happy for others and put your energy into your own writing.

Pride – Don’t let it rule you. But don’t forget that writers are the “. . . dreamers of dreams/Wandering by lone sea-breakers . . .”

(From the poem Ode by Arthur O’Shaughnessy, 1874).

Katherena Vermette