the best skill i have learned in school thus far is, when in doubt (or too darn busy for your own good), use somebody else’s work – just make sure to credit it! so in the spirit of passing words along – check out this diddy from the lovely Ariel Gordon…

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CV2 is middle-aged. But I’m two years older. Which makes me middle-aged +2.

In any event, the Winnipeg-based lit mag is/has published two special editions celebrating its oldness.

They’ve also done a country-wide tour, featuring past contributors from Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver.

It was very nice to see that Jeannette Lynes (who edited Hump) was reading in Hfx and Bren Simmers (a fellow Sage Hill attendee in 2003) in Van.

The Winnipeg event will be November 20 and features eight of nine or Winnipeg’s best poets. And you should go.

This isn’t a completely altruistic mention, as I’ve a poem in the second issue – with several dozen other poets – but still. Go.

* * *

CV2 35th Anniversary Launch

When: Saturday, November 20. 7 pm
Where: Aqua Books (274 Garry Street)
Cost: FREE!

Contemporary Verse 2 is celebrating 35 years of publishing fine poetry and critical writing with the launch of two Special Editions, and a reading by 9 Winnipeg poets, each a key contributor to CV2 over the years. Join us for an evening of poetry, prizes and celebration on Saturday, November 20 at 7:00pm.

Readers for the evening include Allison Calder, Maurice Mierau, Charles Leblanc, Rosanna Deerchild, Meira Cook, George Amabile, Dennis Cooleyand Sarah Klassen.

In addition, there will be an introduction by editor Clarise Foster, and copies of both Special Editions will be available.

About the Special Editions:
CV2: The Early Years explores the first ten years of the magazine, including writing by Roo Borson, Marilyn Bowering, Patrick Friesen and 26 others, as well as original, type-written correspondence between once regional editor bpNichol and the CV2 editorial collective. Also featured are a series of lino cuts by contributing artist Arthur Adamson.

CV2: The Keystone of Canadian Poetry turns 35 continues where the first edition leaves off, with a look at CV2 magazine’s contribution to literary arts in Canada over the past 25 years. Over 75 of Canada’s best-loved poets are featured in this issue, both French and English, including all the poets from this year’s Coast to Coast Reading Tour.

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