Four Poems

A guest poet tonight, the young Miss SARAH STELMACK, age 11!!! These are fantastic. Thanks so much Sarah!!

Enjoy all! And stay warm!!

1.            HAPPINESS

The gentle lap of the waves on my toes soothes me.

The air’s breath caresses my hair in its warmth.

A leaf falls next to my face in my bed of soft sand.

I feel warm and loved as I lie on the beach, alone, the sun on my face.

I sigh with happiness as the wind and the water lovingly hush me to sleep for all times.

2.            A DEAR FRIEND

A field of grass surrounds me.

One lone tree stands tall and proud there.

I sit in its branches watching the sunlight come through the leaves.

Ripe cherries surround my head and body.

I shall always have a dear friend

3.            THE CHERRY TREE

Children love to play by you.

Happiness is always here.

Energy surges up your branches.

Ripe cherries grow on you.

Red juicy cherries belong to you,

Yet, you give them away.

Telling each child welcome every day.

Representing love is what you do.

Everyone in this world loves your fruit.

Everyone loves climbing on you.

Sharing always what you have, we love you.


I walk amongst the lavish forests.

There are stories in the wind.

No creatures are here.

Green sunlight shines through pretty leaves.

I feel loved.

There is the feeling of hope in the rivers of peacefulness.

Have you arrived in peaceful, beautiful hope?

Katherena Vermette

3 Responses to “Four Poems”

  1. Greg W says:

    These poems are wonderful. They are rich in description and invite the reader to share in the mood you depict through your words. I loved the poem about the cherry tree, as it made me think back to my childhood. Keep up the great work.

  2. Jocelyn Boileau says:

    Wow! Beautiful and vivid images. These poems are lovely Sarah, keep on writing. You are an inspiration to other young poets. Thank you for sharing your poetry

  3. Destiny says:

    Those poems were terrific Sarah! I just love them. I’m glad you put your poems up. Now everyone can see them and learn from them because they were just amazingly awesome!! Keep up the good writing.