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this notice from Bookninja – a great opportunity for an up and comer!

Bookninja Looking for Help! – A great guy, a great poet and a great website

Help Wanted: Apply Within

Well, as you can see, my life is moving on. Between the pressures of my family, work, artistic, and social lives, I’m unable to dedicate the time I used to to good old Bookninja. Truth be told, it’s also been pretty fucking tiring playing this character for seven years. That said, I’d like to take one last stab at saving the beast by offering two or three lucky young, hungry would-be bloggers the chance to join Bookninja as part of the editorial team. You need to know the spirit and scope of Bookninja, have an eye for the absurd and unusual as well as a good grasp of what interests our primary readers (industry folks, writers, would-be writers, readers, and sexy sexy librarians). The ideal candidate will also have OCD and a fetish for the serial comma.

Send me your basic writing resume as well as links to your clips to the site listed on the page.

All positions are unpaid, except in the adoration of your readership, basic ninjitsu training, and the general knowledge that you can make or break your friends and enemies the way a capricious child might stack blocks into an inukshuk-like human form and then smash them down moments later in a fit of tyrannical rage.

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