The Aboriginal Writers Collective of Manitoba Performs for THIN AIR 2010

OOOO this’ll be fuuuuuun… join the ABORIGINAL Writers Collective of Manitoba for a little irreverence, AQUA BOOKS – 274 Garry Street, Friday, September 24th, 10:30-11:30 PM. It’s a late night AfterWords show for Thin Air – the Winnipeg International Writers Festival….

“Wherever members of Winnipeg’s Aboriginal Writers Collective gather, there’s bound to be incisive observation and raucous laughter—often in equal measure. This is First Nations storytelling for the twenty-first century!”

Performing at THIN AIR 2010 are Duncan Mercredi, Jordan Wheeler, Shayla Elizabeth, Maeengan Linklater, Marie Annharte Baker, Trevor Greyeyes, and Katherena Vermette.

With roots that go back to the late 1980s, Winnipeg’s irrepressible Aboriginal Writers Collective have a pair of chapbooks under their belt, Urban Kool and Bone Memory, and a spoken word CD, Red City. They’ve lost a few members along the way—some to death (RIP Marvin Francis, Doug Nepinak and Leonard Carriere), some to the whims of time—but the group continues to thrive. Subversive and irreverent, they’re two parts tickle-your-funny-bone, one part kick-you-in-the-groin, and full parts make-you-think.

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