for those of you who like to work close to a deadline….

…. some deadlines coming up next week. so get yourselfs a-crackin’….

Dust & Fire,

Bemidji State University’s annual publication of Women’s Writing and Art

is seeking submissions for their 2011 Anthology.

See Submissions Info here …..

Postmark those puppies by September 17th….

Dust & Fire will announce decisions near the end of December.

All submissions will be acknowledged.

carte blanche

“carte blanche is just that.

It’s where writers can sound off, send up, amuse, follow their muse, versify, sketch, snap, dramatize, think big, get famous, get back at their exes, polish, perish, and above all publish.

carte blanche is published online twice a year.”

fall issue deadline is September 15th, see guidelines here

The Gloaming

is a speculative fiction magazine based in Montreal.

We began publication in 2006 and have published four biannual anthologies so far in print.

We publish science fiction, fantasy, and horror prose and poetry.

All submissions must be speculative fiction, or at least have a strong speculative fiction element.

No cliches unless you’re doing a parody, and even then it has to be really good for us to take it.

All work must be original and unpublished.

Please tell us if your submission is a simultaneous submission.

Deadline September 15th

….that should keep you busy…..

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