Writer seeks literary magazine…

Let’s face it, submitting to journals and magazines is a bit of a crap shoot… your odds are improved by a lot of digging, researching, and, of course, writing and editing, but in the end, you’re just playing in the sand and hoping for the best!

Yet, this is not as discouraging as you might think, good research is not to be undervalued, look long enough and you can find the perfect publication for what you are working on, and just because the one you wanted turned you down, doesn’t mean their isn’t a really fine publication right around the corner just waiting for a writer just like you to come along… it’s like dating, open your mind a little bit and suddenly there’s just too many options to count…

Here’s some good places to look, some good lists of Literary Magazines to start you on your quest for finding your literary soul mate… and you don’t have to mention your height, body type or what you what you would do on a first date or anything! It’s MUCH less intimidating than that, it’s only LiTeRaTuRe after all!

NewPages.com – a great source for all things American Lit – browse here for some great publications.

Canadian Literature Magazine‘s Links page is full of great Canadian Lit Mags – click here and see for yourself

Places for Writers is another great resource, plenty of ‘off the beaten track’ type publications to be found here

and even Wikipedia has a good list (we are thoroughly convinced there is nothing Wiki can’t do), a quick search of Literary Magazines pulls up an extensive and international list that should keep you busy for quite some time, click here!

have a happy quest everyone!

Katherena Vermette

2 Responses to “Writer seeks literary magazine…”

  1. Debbie Strange says:

    Hi Katherena:

    Thanks for the tips! Members might be interested in hearing this talk about nurturing creativity…



  2. Hilary says:

    Thanks for the links, Kate!

    Another great resource is other writers, especially those who know the industry and are familiar with your work. They can offer suggestions on journals that will fit your style and tone.