Our Tenth Anniversary – Submissions WANTED!!!

So, we have yet to receive any gifts for Our Tenth Anniversary, but fear not, upon further research, I discovered that although TIN is considered the TRADITIONAL tenth anniversary material, MODERN variations are ALUMINUM or DIAMONDS. Hmmmm. Well, diamonds might be out since they are so contentiously acquired, but perhaps you can get us something ALUMINUM? A can of pop perhaps?  Yes, that would be nice. Nothing says, “I love and appreciate you as an organization” than fizzy caffeinated beverages! No sir!

Are you excited yet???

The Writers Collective of Manitoba celebrates being TEN years young this fall and to celebrate this wonderful milestone, we will be producing a SPECIAL ISSUE of the Collective Consciousness AND have a GALA NIGHT featuring some of our talented members, past and present.

More on the GALA in a future post, but for now, save the date:

Saturday, September 11th!!

What we would like to do now is invited members of all shapes, sizes, no matter where you are in your writing, whether a you are a hobby writer, or a professional wordsmith, we would like you to SUBMIT something for our special issue. SUBMIT and SUBMIT often. We would like these celebrations to reflect ALL members of the Collective.

Submissions can be fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, or other art forms. Please no more than 20 pages at a time! But other than that, we are not limited in in any way, send us what you are working on right now, write us a piece telling what the Collective  means to you, send us your latest poetic masterpiece, the Collective has always been about the LOVE of writing, not the rules of writing.




Send it all along to: [email protected]….


The Writers’ Collective supports, encourages and recognizes the work of new and emerging writers. We are here to help you practice your craft, whether it’s poetry, fiction, memoir or something else entirely. We’ll help you make connections – to other writers, to readers, to mentors – and get involved in the writing community in Manitoba.

Founded in 2000, the Writers’ Collective offers a range of programs and services to help you hone your craft, whether you write for pleasure or profit.

The Writers’ Collective is supported by grants from our funders, in-kind support from our partners, program fees and donations from members. We are a registered charity and issue charitable tax receipts for all donations received.

The Website Elves
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5 Responses to “Our Tenth Anniversary – Submissions WANTED!!!”

  1. Debbie Strange says:

    Hi Katherena:

    I sent an essay titled “The Pulse of Poetry” via the newsletter e-mail address ([email protected]) on April 6, 2010. I’m not sure if it was ever received, but I would like to submit it for consideration for the SPECIAL ISSUE. The piece represents what the Collective has meant to me since I joined 10 years ago. Should I sent it again? Thanks for your help.


    p.s. I’m really enjoying your writing prompts – thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Jocelyn Boileau says:

    “the virtual elves work tirelessly in the website boiler room.”

    It makes me so happy to know the elves are still in residence at The Collective Consciousness.
    You see, just last week a UK friend on Facebook told of a sad note pinned above the sink in his offices’ lunchroom (common-room, in Brit parlance.) The note, which reduced him to tears, said, “the washing-up fairies do not live here. Do your own dishes.” or words to that effect. So sad. Every office needs its fairies. And elves. Someone had added a naughty limerick – written by the fairies, but that’s another story. I felt moved to draft a poem about dead bedraggled fairies washed up on British shores, their gossamer wings ruined by a thick coat of crude (oil.) It’s a pathetic poem that needs a lot of work.
    But then, to read of your virtual elves… well, I felt truly heartened.
    The elves deserve our never-ending shower of kudos. Plus whatever help we poor mortal members may offer. I’ll do the dishes. (But if you prefer pop in aluminum cans, I’m in luck. No dishes

  3. Katherena Vermette says:

    oh i love both of these comments so much!!

    i am so glad you appreciate the prompts debbie, and if you could forward that submission to: i would be eternally grateful (thats the only email they gave me a password for)

    and thank you jocelyn, yes we are very fortunate to have such tireless elves over here! you too should submit something to celebrate our tenth anniversary, perhaps the fairy poem once you are done? we would love to have it, and if not for us, do it for the elves!!!

  4. Debbie Strange says:

    just sent it again – thanks!

  5. Jocelyn Boileau says:

    Thanks Katherena,

    The poem is coming along, but it is not an Anniversary /celebratory type of theme. In fact it is rather sad. Might make the elves cry. I’ll see if I can come up with something else.

    When is the deadline for submissions?

    In the meantime I will send this fairy one in for your consideration, along with another new poem.

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