Summer, a good new market and MORE

Hey all! Happy post May Long weekend blahs! I hate short weeks after long weekends – so anticlimactic. Well, hate is a strong word, and really what do I have to complain about  - SUMMER IS HERE!! YES! the unofficial start of Winnipeg’s summer season is now upon us, and that means the BDI is open, slurpees are flying out of the dispensers, kids are using the after storm puddles as wading pools, AND, perhaps most notably of all, the Writers Collective of Manitoba is planning some NEW SUMMER PROGRAMMING!

Yes we have opened our summer kitchen and are hard at work grilling some fine features for you folks, delectables include, a couple warm and gooey workshops, some succulent contests, and our fine main course of a TENTH ANNIVERSARY CABERET, in which you will all be invited to participate!!!

Keep posted right here for the fruits of our labours!

In other news – Toronto Quarterly, a new magazine of writing and reading, has a submission call out right now for poetry, short fiction as well as reviews. Check out the news here. Or go directly to their site to check them out and buy e-copies for only $3!


2010 John Hirsch Winner for Most Promising Writer Ariel Gordon, hereafter christened with her new, easy to remember acronym/nickname JHWFMPWAG held her workshop How to Write a Poem over the long weekend and fun was had by all,

<—— See look at how much fun they were having!!!

I KNOW they were having fun because editing and writing poetry all day is my very favourite thing to do! Even though I am sighing audibly and looking longingly at the blank page still - best. time. ever!

Hopefully, we can get JHWFMPWAG - just rolls off the tongue don’t it? – to do another workshop sometime real soon!

Cheers to all, have a great short week!

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