We got answers! AGM Wrap-Up

Last Sunday we convened the Writers’ Collective’s 10th anniversary AGM. 10 years! That’s a huge milestone for any organization, and especially for a relatively small not-for-profit.

Two of the Collective’s founders, Janine LeGal and Lori Broadfoot, joined two current Board members, Ahniko and Mela Fox-Allen, to discuss two very important questions:

  1. Who is this Writers’ Collective?
  2. And what can it do for me?

The discussion was lively and informative, and at the end we also got our audience involved! Here are some of the interesting points that came up.

  • The Writers’ Collective was founded – and continues – to serve new and emerging writers. There was some talk about how we compare to the “other” writers’ organization, by which we mean the Manitoba Writers’ Guild. In fact, we are complementary. While the Guild tends to focus more on the professional writer, someone who is making part or all of their income from writing, the Collective focuses on writers who are just finding their way to the page. There are a lot of people out there who feel an itch to pick up the pen, and need a little encouragement to get going…then a workshop or two to hone their skills, and maybe a contest to give them a deadline and a project. That’s what the Writers’ Collective provides.
  • Looking back, we are proud of our programs, most of which are as long-lived as the the Collective. They’ve provided support to new and emerging writers and offered people an entrance into the writing community.
  • Looking ahead, we want to keep doing what we’re doing. There were several suggestions for more outreach – working with students and seniors groups; seeking more participation from our members; becoming more proactive in helping writers find the right services; and setting up a regular, informal meet-and-greet for members to gather and share stories from the writing life. Overall, though, the group felt that the Collective is on the right path to fulfil its mission: supporting, recognizing and encouraging new and emerging writers in Manitoba.
WC AGM 2010 Panel

Our panellists: Hilary Friesen, Lori Broadfoot, Janine LeGal, Ahniko, Mela Fox-Allen, Eve Dutton

Over the next few months, the Board will be looking back at the year past and planning for the year ahead. The AGM provided lots of good information to focus our attention and energies. If you’re interested in being part of the planning, why not join the Board? Board members volunteer about three hours per month, which includes the monthly Board meeting (except July and August). You will get to have a say in the Collective’s programs and services, connect with other writers on a regular basis and contribute your ideas for future development.

For more information, contact our Programming Coordinator, Michael Van Rooy, at (204) 786-9468 or [email protected]

Before I sign off, I’d like to thank my co-moderator (also the Collective’s dedicated Vice President), Eve Dutton, for pitching in to spur the discussion. I’d also like to thank the Collective’s Board members for 2009-10, most of whom will be carrying on into 2010-11: Tara Norberg, Don Ayre, Mela Fox-Allen, Kate Vermette and Ahniko. And, of course, our intrepid Programming Coordinator, Michael Van Rooy, for making everything come together.

Here’s to another successful 10 years!

WC Board & Staff 2010

Our Board & Staff: Michael Van Rooy, Hilary Friesen, Don Ayre, Tara Norberg, Mela Fox-Allen, Kate Vermette, Eve Dutton

Hilary Friesen

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